Terms of Service

This license agreement (hereafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is a legal written contract between you (not asking the individual or the company) and AOS Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “AOS Technologies”).  AOS Technologies authorize the use of the software that is the subject of this agreement only to the customers who agree to the terms of this agreement.  Please read this contract carefully before clicking the “consent” to this Agreement because once clicked, it is deemed that you have agreed to establish the licensing conditions and license agreements of this contract.  If the customer does not agree to the terms of this Agreement, AOS Technologies does not authorize the use of software that is the subject of this Agreement.  In this case, click the “disagree” to this Agreement

End User License Agreement  “InCircle TALK”

All documents related to this software (hereafter referred to as the “Software”) that is the subject of this Agreement and its copies, samples, content titles, rights of ownership, and all other intellectual property rights are exclusive and non-transferrable assets of AOS Technologies and the authorized third party service provider, and protected by the copyright and other applicable laws.  AOS Technologies or any third party licensor maintains ownership of the software but customers who agree to the licensing agreement receive authorization to use specified part of the software. The license use authorization set forth herein is as follows, except for the conditions modified by the indemnity clause to the Agreement.  In addition, the information specified in the prohibition takes precedence over the information specified in the permit requirements.

Permitted Clauses

  • Customers will only use the product for their specified purpose on one computer or hardware device by installing the software on the device to use, access, display, execute and perform any other related act.
  • To prepare for cases where the software media becomes corrupted, you can create one replication per backup media supply.  In the case of downloading, you can create one replication for 1 data (refers to the entire group of downloaded files) that is downloaded. However, all this is allowed under the condition that the backup copy is not installed or used in any other computer except for the situation where the media of the software is damaged.

Prohibition Clauses

  1. You cannot create a copy of this software.  However, the situation indicated in the second Permission Clause is an exception.
  2. You cannot sell, re-license, lend, rent, lease, transfer, or distribute the software, either partially or entirely.
  3. This software is not to be used commercially.
  4. Inspecting the source code, basic concept, algorithm, structure, or composition of the software by reverse engineering, de-compiling, disassembling, modifying, translating, or any other methods is prohibited. Creating derivative products upon the Software is also prohibited.

Restrictions on Warranty Service

AOS Technologies offers a 60-day warranty against any defects in the supplied software media to the customers who agree to the Agreement commencing from the effective date of the Agreement .In the case that this warranty gets violated, AOS Technologies will provide a replacement for the defective media returned within the warranty period. However, in the case of downloads, we will not provide replacement because downloads do not have media to be replaced. AOS Technologies warrants that the software will meet the customer’s needs, but does not guarantee that there is no error to the contents of your software and obstacles in the operation of the software.
Compensation for breach of warranty that AOS Technologies guarantees in this Agreement shall be limited to the above.  Except the above warranty, the license use authorization applies to the software in the “as it is” condition, and AOS Technologies does not offer any implicit or explicit guarantee against the marketability or the compatibility of the Software for specific purpose.  In addition, if the damage has been caused by the carelessness or mistake by the customer, it is not covered by the warranty and the returned Software will not be accepted or replaced.

Liability for Damages

AOS Technologies holds no responsibility for special damage, accidental or indirect loss, or any other similar damages or losses regardless of the possibility of intended goals being achieved through the methods included in this document. These damages and losses include the loss of profit or data the client could have obtained as the result of using or being unable to use this Software. Even if AOS Technologies received advanced warning about the possibility of such loss or damage, AOS Technologies do not hold the responsibility for them.

In any case, the liability of AOS Technologies shall not exceed the purchase price of the Software.  The above mentioned limitations of liability and exemption clauses apply regardless of whether or not you accept the Software.

Cancellation of Contract

  1. AOS Technologies can cancel the contract if the customer violates the Agreement. In this case, you cannot use this Software, operating manual, and license key at all.
  2. Customers may terminate this Agreement by destroying all copies of the Software, operating manuals, and licensing keys.  In this case, there is no refund in payments made by customers in this Agreement
  3. When the Agreement is expired or terminated, the customer must return all copies of the Software, operating manual, and licensing keys to AOS Technologies, or dispose them.

Confidentiality Obligations

    1. Customers are not allowed to disclose or release a) contents described in this Agreement and b) information acquired in association with this Agreement (including the Software product key, support service telephone number, fax number, email address, URL, ID, passwords, support services set forth in this Agreement, and information content provided over a computer network ) to third parties without written consent of AOS Technologies, or use them in whichever ways except when necessary to exercise the rights or carry out the obligations indicated in this Agreement. Even though this requirement is waived when customers have to disclose them for legitimate causes such as the order by government authorities, customers are required to quickly notify AOS Technologies on such occasion.
    2. Notwithstanding the preceding clauses, they do not apply in following conditions.
      (a) Information that was open to public before signing the Agreement.
      (b) Publicly disclosed information that customers have had since before signing the Agreement.
      (c) Information customers have obtained legally since before signing the Agreement.
      (d) Information customers obtained legitimately and are not obliged to keep the secrecy from third parties.
      (e)Information customers developed independently without referencing or using confidential information that belongs to AOS Technologies.
    3. All the clauses described above remain effective even if this Agreement expires, becomes terminated, or ends for any other reasons.


This agreement complies with the law of the Republic of Korea.  This Agreement takes priority over all agreements made between the customer and AOS Technologies prior to signing this Agreement, unless there is a special agreement over the authorized use of the Software.  Also, AOS Technologies can make changes to contents of this Agreement and notices without advanced notice to customers and in such cases, the existing agreements and notices will be void.  The most updated Agreement and content of notice shall be deemed valid. If you have any questions or need to contact AOS Technologies for other reasons, please contact us by the following email address or write to us to the following address.

AOS Technologies Inc.
Headquarters : Japan, Tokyo, Minato-ku, Toranomon 5-13-1 Toranomon 40MT Building 4F,

AOS Korea Corporation
Korea Corporation : Gangnam, Seoul Samsung 555, 303호
Homepage: : http://www.incircle.kr, E-Mail : inc@incircle.kr